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Solid Response for Balagam in Television


Once again, a small film has showcased its excellence in the Telugu film industry through quality content. Despite its modest scale, the film’s impact has been significant, making a strong impression this year. The success of the movie extends beyond mere box office numbers; it has generated a sensation that is far from ordinary. The village comedy entertainer not only shines at the box office but also delivers a comparable appeal to that of a blockbuster.

Renowned actor and comedian Venu, who has taken on the role of director, has yet again achieved success with this film. Recently released, the movie has once again captured the attention of audiences, particularly drawing viewers to Bulleter’s charisma. With an impressive 7.71 TRP rating, the film has undeniably become a sensation, marking a significant achievement. Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyan Ram have effectively portrayed the lead roles, breathing life into their characters. The film continues to unravel astonishing elements, creating an experience that is a must-watch.

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