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Movie : Nishabdham

Cast : Anushka Shetty, Madavan R, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju

Released on : Amazon Prime

Released Date : 2 October 2020

Director : Hemanth Madhukar

Producer : Vishwa Prasad

The pattern of direct OTT digital release has speeden up in Telugu. Anushka’s “Nishabdham” is the most recent film that avoided the Theatrical Release and deliver to debut on an OTT stage. Amazon Prime is streaming this spine chiller. How about we dissect. 

The story is set in a spooky house in Seattle. In 1970, a few passes on there in secretive conditions. A long time later, a couple with names Sakshi(Anushka) and Anthony(Madhavan) come there for an esteemed artistic creation. In an unexpected difference in occasions, Anthony gets slaughtered and Sakshi escapes from that point. The case is given over to cops Maha(Swathi) and Richard(Michel Madsen). Who executed Anthony? What is his relationship with Sakshi? what’s more, how did Maha illuminate the case frames the remainder of the story. 

With all her experience and acting abilities, Anushka pulls off the part of a hard of hearing and quiet craftsman easily. In spite of the fact that there isn’t a lot of extension for her to perform, she leaves her imprint with her screen presence. 

Madhavan gets a job that has various shades. He is persuading. As a wrongdoing criminologist, Anjali is alright however Avasarala’s character is bothering. Shalini Panday in a little however significant job establishes a connection. Subbaraju is alright. Hollywood entertainer Michael Madsen includes not a lot. 

One of the greatest less purposes of the film is the manner in which the film is finished. When the significant curve is uncovered, the film turns out to be colossally unsurprising. The movement eases back down totally and an excess of time is squandered to feature the clearness in the story. The film has some consistent mistakes in the story. The manner in which violations are displayed in such a simple way and how things are not followed by US cops is somewhat unfathomable. 

Additionally, there is a simple uncertainty that emerges in one’s psyche that this specific individual may be the miscreant in the film. Such things ought to have been displayed in an all the more holding way. Likewise, the film has a dull screenplay, and the manner in which Shalini Pandey’s job is exhibited in a possessive way looks somewhat odd. 

Despite the fact that Anjali does her cop’s job well, such a large number of freedoms have been taken, and the manner in which she overwhelms her seniors likewise looks somewhat odd and that too in a nation like the US. 

The cinematography is magnificent. His sharp visuals have included extravagance. Foundation score Girishh Gopalakrishnan makes a decent effect. 

Gopi Sundar’s tunes are pleasant on hearing yet they are dull on the screen. The whole film is shot in the USA and the creation configuration is head class. The film needs a great deal of managing. 

Nishabdham is an unremarkable, ineffectively composed film. One may feel investing energy is useless even on the OTT stages. Significant stars like Anushka , Madhavan are squandered on this helpless content. By and large, a failure yield given the high spending plan.

Rating : 2*/5

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