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2023 June OTT Telugu Movies and Webseries Watch Online

The rapid growth of OTT platforms has caused substantial growth and popularity in the entertainment industry. The way we consume films and TV shows has been fundamentally transformed by these platforms, which put a variety of entertainment at our fingertips.

OTT Telugu Movies
OTT Telugu Movies

Telugu films have been incredibly popular on OTT platforms when compared to the wide variety of regional cinema.

June 2023 OTT Telugu Movies

List of OTT Telugu Movies Released on June 2023

UgramAmazon Prime2 June 2023
RamabanamSony Liv3 June 2023
Avatar: The Way of WaterHotstar7 June 2023
2018Sony Liv7 June 2023
Men TooAha Video9 June 2023
CustodyAmazon Prime9 June 2023
Anni Manchi ShakunamuleAmazon Prime17 June 2023
Bichhagaadu 2Hotstar17 June 2023
Intinti RamayanamAha Video23 June 2023
Malli PelliAha Video23 June 2023
VimaanamZee530 June 2023
VeeranAmazon Prime30 June 2023

List of OTT Telugu Movies /Web Series Released on June 2023

Arthamayyindha Arun KumarAha Video30 June 2023
ShaitaanHotstar15 June 2023

The Popularity of Telugu Cinema

Telugu cinema, or Tollywood, is very popular in the Indian film industry. Telugu films have a devoted fan following that crosses numerous continents and nations and are well-known for their grandeur, compelling storytelling, and skilled actors.

The reach of Telugu cinema has increased thanks to the growth of OTT platforms, making it available to a wider audience globally.

Evolution of Telugu Movies on OTT Platforms

The transition of Telugu movies to OTT platforms has been a game-changer for both filmmakers and viewers. It has provided a platform for diverse storytelling and experimentation, encouraging filmmakers to explore unconventional narratives.

This shift has allowed Telugu movies to break barriers and reach audiences beyond traditional theatrical releases.

Unique Storytelling and Filmmaking Techniques

One of the defining features of Telugu movies is their unique storytelling and filmmaking techniques. Filmmakers often blend traditional elements with contemporary narratives, creating a distinct cinematic experience.

From engaging plot twists to thought-provoking social commentaries, Telugu movies captivate the audience with their innovative approach to storytelling.

The Convenience of OTT Viewing

The convenience that OTT services provide to viewers is one of their main benefits. From the convenience of their homes, viewers can easily access a sizable library of Telugu films.

People are no longer constrained by traditional movie theatre timetables and may see their favourite films anytime they want thanks to greater accessibility.

The Future of OTT Telugu Movies

The future of Telugu movies on OTT platforms looks promising. As technology advances and streaming platforms continue to evolve, the scope for innovative storytelling and immersive viewing experiences will expand further.

With a growing appetite for quality content, Telugu cinema is poised to reach new heights on the digital landscape.


OTT platforms have provided Telugu movies with a global platform to shine. The accessibility, convenience, and diverse range of content have made OTT viewing a preferred choice for Telugu film enthusiasts.

From captivating storytelling to stellar performances, Telugu cinema continues to enthrall audiences worldwide, cementing its position as a cinematic delight for Telugu movie lovers.


Can I watch Telugu movies on OTT platforms with subtitles?

Yes, most OTT platforms provide subtitles for Telugu movies, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for non-Telugu speakers.

Are Telugu movies available on OTT platforms released simultaneously with theatrical releases?

While some Telugu movies have simultaneous releases on OTT platforms and theaters, it varies from film to film. Certain movies may have a digital release after a specific period of theatrical run.

What are the top 10 OTT platforms for Telugu movies?

Amazon Prime Video 
Disney+ Hotstar 
Aha Video
Jio Cinema 
MX Player 

Where can I watch Telugu Ott movies?

You can watch Telugu OTT movies on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Aha Video, Zee5, Sun NXT, Jio Cinema, MX Player, Voot, and ULLU.

Can I watch Telugu movies on OTT platforms for free?

OTT platforms typically require a subscription or rental fee to access their content. However, some platforms offer a free trial period or select movies that can be viewed without a subscription.

Are Telugu movies on OTT platforms censored like theatrical releases?

Telugu movies on OTT platforms go through a certification process, but the censorship guidelines differ from theatrical releases. This allows filmmakers to explore more creative freedom in storytelling.

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