Divi Vadthya gained fame through her participation in the popular reality show Bigg Boss.

She made a cameo appearance in superstar Mahesh Babu's movie 'Maharshi,' but it was Bigg Boss that truly propelled her to stardom.

Divi Vadthya also appeared in the hit web series 'Parampara.

She had a brief role in Megastar's film 'Godfather.'

Currently, she boasts over 1.1 million Instagram followers and regularly shares stunning photoshoots and videos showcasing her beauty.

Divi also endorses various brands through her social media accounts.

Divi Vadthya is known for her impeccable fashion sense, making her a delightful sight for her fans.

Divi appeared in the series 'Cab Stories' and was voted as the Most Desirable Woman on TV for 2020 by Hyderabad Times